Ever since i have played Eve Online I have been meeting players of all backgrounds, each and every one having their own views on how you should play the game.

When i began playing Eve Online I met simple minded folk. The only cares in the world for these players consisted of; which NPC corp they did their next mission with and what barge to mine in that day. Nowadays I’m crossing paths with very opinionated players who think they have the next big game change idea. Truth be told 99% of these ‘game changing ideas’ are current features simply rebranded under a different name or features that have already been announced for future release.

For example if we take a look at a post by The Mittani at the start of the month you will notice he takes a stab at people who propose changes to mechanics for areas of the game they’re not accustomed to I.E. Someone who lives in Wormhole (WH) space proposing mechanic changes for Null Security space (Null Sec). I agree with what he has said within the article, however i disagree with how he has put forward his message. The main thing i dislike is the fact anyone who disagrees with his opinion is automatically classed as an ‘unknowing virgin’, as per the article title states clearly. He could have worded his article so that he wasn’t insulting anyone, I think if he’d have at least done that then more people would have agreed with him. Doing so has the potential for people to pass the article onto their friends to read, friends who may not have heard of Eve before (potential for new players in the game if they like what they hear). For those that pick up on it you will also notice The Mittani repeats himself on points he has been saying in Eve since being a member of the 6th CSM team.

My purpose of writing this article is to point out to people that regardless of what others might tell them, Eve Online provides repetitive gameplay. In Eve repetitive gameplay is not like that which you would experience in a game such as Call of Duty but in fact can lead to new and exciting outcomes I.E. Scheduled fleet roams patrolling the same areas of space can come across new targets. However the journalism side/game change ideas is very repetitive, being to the extent that there are probably at least 5 people that have put forward the following idea (Eve has existed for over a decade with changes spaced out over ‘long’ periods of time, meaning the same content theoretically can be recreated by different players time after time).

Despite there being a repetitive aspect to Eve, many players myself included are trying to draw up content not only to attract fresh bodies to the game we all love, but to create the content existing players need to keep logging in for. In Eve you can join corporations which may or may not be in alliances (few alliances are worth being a part of). You also have the option of going it solo, this may sound appealing initially but you’ll soon realise it’s hard to create content for yourself especially when you are new to the game or your Skill Points (SP) are not focused into a specific area I.E. PVP.

For those that might be interested in giving Eve Online a try i will be more than glad to help train you up and provide plenty of content creation, this also goes for older players however if you want to fly with me you will need to adjust to my way of thinking or you will simply be told to leave.


If interested in starting eve from scratch use the following link to register and get your hands on 21 days free game time;

Unfortunately for old Eve Online members CCP has finished the recall program so I am unable to provide a link for you.


Stoseph Stuarts

Why The Alliance Tournament Should Be Taken Seriously!!

Whilst on my holiday to the wonderful island of Rhodes I read about what had happened in the alliance tournament match between Red Vs Blue (RVB) and CODE. Personally I felt disgusted about what I read, who in their right mind forfeits a fight which has the chance to be a ‘fair’ fight, let alone it being a fight in such a prestigious tournament such as the ‘Alliance Tournament’.

I had read that the alliance known as ‘CODE.’ had decided to forfeit their match against ‘RVB’ for a lump sum of 200 Billion Isk, give or take a bit. If CODE. had shown up to the fight and won they would have gone ahead to the next round of the tournament. Potentially CODE. could have won every match after this and won tournament, winning would mean the biggest share of the special edition prize ships. The rarity of these ships means potentially their value is greater than the 200 Billion Isk they forfeited for.

To me this seems a stupid action to take as not many alliances manage to get into the alliance tournament, one reason being there are a limited amount of slots open for the hundreds of alliances in the game. I’m sure there are man alliance leaders out there feeling outraged over not being able to get into the alliance tournament when an alliance such as CODE. can get in to give fights away.

To counteract this from happening in future tournaments I propose a change CCP could make to future tournaments; introduce a rule where that if a team forfeits there is a list of alliances that can be brought in as ‘reserves’ who then take part in the tournament instead of the original alliance which forfeited. Although this seems unfair to some, it actual showcases talent which might of been seen otherwise.

Please comment below with your thoughts on the subject,

Stoseph Stuarts

Grudges, The Fuel of Eve Online?

During my time playing this wonderful game I have noticed many groups come and go. Some have been spectacular others were simply not. A common theme to a lot of groups successes comes from their drives to achieve what they have set out to do, an example of this could be the massive B-R5RB fight that happened in January 2014. This fight occurred because of a war waged by the N3/PL forces against the RUS forces on the eastern side of New Eden, CFC was introduced into this war because allegedly they wanted to help out their Russian friends. In reality the CFC coalition got involved as they had their own grudges to settle against the N3/PL side from previous wars that had taken place. Throughout this war the CFC/RUS forces were mainly dominating the battlefields with the exception of one or two fights. Towards the end of this war CFC, on a high from its many victories, decided to hell camp the Nulli Secunda (S2N) staging system of 0-W778. S2N forces losing many battles were becoming very unmotivated forming many grudges against the CFC, which still exist today, giving them the fuel they needed to collectively strike back at their oppressors. The N3/PL forces capitalised on this advance and pushed back the defenders causing the Russians to fall back to both the Curse and Stain NPC null sec regions. Who knows maybe the Russians hold a grudge so strong they are just biding their time until they strike back!

Above is an example of a large scale grudge match between the big coalitions but out there in the universe there are many many smaller examples of grudges. For example in high sec regions an alliance called CODE. exists, a quote from the CODE. website explains their purpose quite well;

‘Highsec miners may say they come for the ice and ore, but I give them what they really need: Purpose, dignity, structure, order, guidance, leadership. They ask what I am “saving” them from. I save the miners from themselves.’

As can be imagined this has upset hundreds if not thousands of Eve Online players since CODE.’s conception. Over time and the course of many mining barge and freighter losses grudges have formed to the point where we have seen players try to take a stand against the ‘menace’ that is CODE. From all of the attempts to get rid of CODE. a community has been formed in-game which flies under the channel ‘Anti-ganking’, which is standing the test of time. This community has successfully countered gank attempts such as the following. For every successful entity there is also an unsuccessful counterpart, in this case a player called JTClone Ares, who only held a grudge as long as it suited him.


To me personally I feel like grudges are a huge factor in the thought process of everyone in the game whether you be a ‘tyrannical’ leader such as The Mittani or a lowly eve online player such as Auroch Uruz. I would like to know in the comments below what your thoughts on this topic are, and if you have had any grudges relating to eve in the past what they were over.