Eve Online, Game of Propaganda?

Propaganda, what is propaganda?

Many different sources including the dictionary describe propaganda to be information promoting a certain person or groups views on a certain topic. Usually propaganda is biased showing only the positive points of the cause/event being promoted, on the other hand propaganda can also be used to promote the weaknesses of the opposing entity to the main idea being promoted e.g. in the second world war america used posters like such to promote the need for a countrywide war machine fundraising effort.

War can be a big motivator of propaganda creation as mentioned, but on the other hand prevention of war can produce some of the best propaganda out there. For example during the Cold War era propaganda was based around intelligence gathered by both the US and Soviet forces. Recently it has been publicly released that the US were using ex-Nazis to gather intelligence on the Soviets.

Propaganda in Eve

In Eve there has been many cases of propaganda both successful and not as successful, there are even ongoing propaganda campaigns. Recently you may have read an article I published called ‘Rise up for Phoebe’, this article managed to achieve 1000 views in a 24 hour period with little advertising. People who viewed this article were able to see that there are players out there who are interested in taking advantage of the upcoming ‘patch’. So far pre-patch I have successfully taken over a few R16’s from Pandemic Legion (PL) with the help of not only the alliance I am in, but with the help of other groups who are interested in seeing what the patch will bring pre and post patch. The process of taking these moons has shown much about how PL and other groups like them are going to react to players in their current space post-patch.

Over the two day period of taking these pos’s PL only showed up twice, the first time being half-way through bashing the pos’s. PL brought a cyno fitted Rapier which we knew would try to drop capital ships on our small fleet, so we decided to set up a trap and draw the Rapier close to us, eventually the rapier came within range of one of the stealth bombers and uncloaked. All ships uncloaked/entered system and engaged the rapier, luckily the Rapier died before any cyno could go up. Unfortunately for the Rapier we also managed to catch his pod. The second time PL showed up was for the end of the reinforcement timers where they brought one unfitted Raptor toon as a scout and a second toon in a Phantasm as DPS. Initially the Phantasm tried shooting at the small fleet we had on the pos’s, he did not succeed in killing anything. Later on into the bash the Phantasm pilot sent a member of the fleet a conversation invite to let him know that his corp no longer wished to hold the moons and that he would help us bash the pos’s. Lo and behold the pilot lived up to his word and helped bash one pos before leaving system, it has now been one week since we took these moons and no one has tried to take them off of our hands.

Propaganda In Eve Since Phoebe Announcement

Since the pos bashing there has been more propaganda put out by many alliances/corporations about the upcoming patch changes, one case in particular I want to focus on is the creation of a new alliance called ‘Phoebe Freeport Republic’. This alliance has started recruiting members via mass propaganda posting, a couple of sources of propaganda they’ve made are this reddit post and this imgur creation. Both propaganda sources promise those that join the alliance a space in a ‘crusade to fill the looming power gap and build a brand new empire’. This to many players out there fills their hearts and minds with joy as they have a chance to join a bunch of players who want to try and take advantage of the game mechanic changes coming next patch (4th November 2014).

What the players who sign up to this alliance don’t realise is that they will be joining a group which is run by ex-BRAVE/TEST leadership and will be run in a similar way those alliances are run, similar doctrines and all (not the best killboard for such a great alliance right?). These players also don’t realise that the region ‘Phoebe Freeport Republic’ is aiming to take is currently not only inhabited by renters who own sovereignty space there but at least 3 established alliances in the immediate area which were planning to also take Etherium Reach. Admittedly this is not the case anymore, due to poor diplomatic encounters with Freeport Republics leadership they have annoyed the local inhabitants to the point they will now make it a living nightmare for Freeport to take any sov in Etherium Reach.

This article is aimed at making everyone who reads it look into the propaganda they see before biting the bait and falling for it, there will always be a ‘dark’ side to these ‘promising’ ideas.

If you would like to contact me about any thoughts this article has given you or just general feedback either e-mail ‘stoseph.stuart@gmail.com’ or send me an in-game mail via this link ‘Stoseph Stuarts’.

Rise Up For Phoebe!!

Since July of this year (2014) CCP has been releasing ‘patches’ on six week cycles. Each patch is bringing CCP’s master plan into action step by step, the next patch is called ‘Phoebe’. In Phoebe CCP plans to bring many features into the game whilst touching up old features, the feature we will be focusing on in this article is the reduction to capital/supercapital ship jump ranges.

As many of you are aware CCP has released a Dev blog post covering their ideas for the changes to these jump ranges (linked above). Not only will capitals now have a reduced jump range of 5 light years with Jump Drive Calibration level 5, but will also receive ‘jump fatigue’.

Why does this matter to you i hear?

The answer is simple! If you are a player who has not experienced Null Sec before this patch will make it easier for you. By reducing the jump range distance on capitals the existing alliances/entities will have their capabilities to reach certain areas with anything bigger than a sub-capital fleet near impossible in a reasonable amount of time. Now i hear you may think even if the opposition fields sub capital fleets their numbers will far outmatch ours. This is simply not true! Recently there have been articles of bombing runs performed by the CFC onto their opponents fleets. Imagine if you could field even 5-10 bombers all launching bombs and then warping off cloaked, eventually you’re going to wear the enemy down to the point they need to retreat.

I guess you could call this a war of attrition.

Before i move on to the poll i want to make those nervous pilots amongst us aware of one last update coming in the Phoebe patch that makes this jump range distance change very very important! Sovereignty structures are being revisited and WEAKENED! When Phoebe arrives YES it will be easier for YOU to attack sovereignty space.

If you would be interested in owning your own Sov Space please answer yes in the poll below, if not answer no:

P.S For those that say yes if you’re seriously interested please send me a private mail to the following gmail account ‘stoseph.stuart@gmail.com’.

The Power of the Ceptor

As many of you will know it has been a long time since my last blog post. My absence has been mainly in part to working on building in-game relationships, successfully i must add. There has also been something much more important to me personally going on behind the scenes, recently coding has made its way into my life. Hopefully before the end of the year i will have coded my own website to post articles like this and others on for all to see.

Ok so now we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way lets get down to explaining why the interceptor is currently overpowered even with the recent changes CCP has made to a few versions of interceptors.

Interceptors as you know are one of the fastest if not the fastest ships in the game both in align time and straight up m/s. When flying the interceptor your speed is going to be number 1 priority, not only does a good align time mean you get into warp faster but you can escape most sebo gate camps. Speed in the sense of m/s allows you to close down on your prey before they can warp off, this is especially good if the prey is bouncing off of asteroids or hasn’t noticed you/is afk. Recently i have spent a lot of my time taking friends out on interceptor roams into Null Sec, primarily the drone regions, where we would find players such as industrialists (go figure). Nearly everyone in EVE knows that industrialists are not the smartest of players, especially when they decide to take ships out into what are called ore anomalies i.e. small asteroid cluster. Some of these special snowflakes fly their orca’s into the anomalies to tractor in ore/ice, here are some of the orca kills i achieved over a 9 day period;

Orca 1 (2 man ceptor fleet + i landed initial tackle) https://zkillboard.com/kill/41418673/

Orca 2 (6 man ceptor/destroyer fleet + i landed initial tackle in one of 16 standard belts/orca was stuck on asteroids) https://zkillboard.com/kill/41463016/

Orca 3 (4 man ceptor fleet with 1 of each heretic+harpy + i landed initial tackle again) https://zkillboard.com/kill/41580839/

Yes this might seem pretentious by pointing out that i landed initial point in all of these cases but it needs to be said as the stiletto is possibly the best tackling interceptor out there. As for interceptor with the best applied DPS we’ve only really tested out the raptor and it seems to apply it’s DPS amazingly, the taranis should be tested if you can fly it. I will be holding public interceptor roams via my in-game channel ‘KFC Uganda’ if interested in finding out more please join the channel or mail ‘Stoseph Stuarts’ in-game.

Stoseph Stuarts