Rise Up For Phoebe!!

Since July of this year (2014) CCP has been releasing ‘patches’ on six week cycles. Each patch is bringing CCP’s master plan into action step by step, the next patch is called ‘Phoebe’. In Phoebe CCP plans to bring many features into the game whilst touching up old features, the feature we will be focusing on in this article is the reduction to capital/supercapital ship jump ranges.

As many of you are aware CCP has released a Dev blog post covering their ideas for the changes to these jump ranges (linked above). Not only will capitals now have a reduced jump range of 5 light years with Jump Drive Calibration level 5, but will also receive ‘jump fatigue’.

Why does this matter to you i hear?

The answer is simple! If you are a player who has not experienced Null Sec before this patch will make it easier for you. By reducing the jump range distance on capitals the existing alliances/entities will have their capabilities to reach certain areas with anything bigger than a sub-capital fleet near impossible in a reasonable amount of time. Now i hear you may think even if the opposition fields sub capital fleets their numbers will far outmatch ours. This is simply not true! Recently there have been articles of bombing runs performed by the CFC onto their opponents fleets. Imagine if you could field even 5-10 bombers all launching bombs and then warping off cloaked, eventually you’re going to wear the enemy down to the point they need to retreat.

I guess you could call this a war of attrition.

Before i move on to the poll i want to make those nervous pilots amongst us aware of one last update coming in the Phoebe patch that makes this jump range distance change very very important! Sovereignty structures are being revisited and WEAKENED! When Phoebe arrives YES it will be easier for YOU to attack sovereignty space.

If you would be interested in owning your own Sov Space please answer yes in the poll below, if not answer no:

P.S For those that say yes if you’re seriously interested please send me a private mail to the following gmail account ‘stoseph.stuart@gmail.com’.

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