I’ve Had A Revelation

(Disclaimer: We do not own the CCP name or any of the material the links take you to.)

The other night I turned on my television to find a film called ‘Noah’ had been recently added to the available films, the description and trailer aroused my interest so I pressed play. ‘Noah’ in my eyes is the captivating retelling of a biblical tale about the trials and tribulations of a man named Noah and his family. The traditional story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ has been retold many times and many believe in different versions. The version I will link for you all to read pushes the idea that god wanted to save more than just one pair of each creature, he wanted to save enough males and females to continue reproduction after the ‘cleansing’.

Noah’s Ark (Bible Gateway’s version)

In ‘Noah’ the film Russell Crowe portrays Noah as we all love and know him very well, he characterises Noah as a wise man who believes god is guiding him in his actions. We see Noah grow from a young boy into the wise old man that builds the Ark *spoiler alert* with the help of fallen angels known as ‘The Watchers’ *spoiler alert*. We now arrive at the curveball I will be developing on throughout the article. At every twist and turn Noah is enacting acts of violence above and beyond what you’d believe the saviour sent from God to be capable of. In order to defend the Ark, God has miraculously told Noah to build, he must kill any man, woman or child which threatens to kill him or the creatures onboard.

To me this states that there will always be violence regardless of any divine intervention and this is where I want to bring this over to games such as Eve Online. In Eve Online you have a universe created and run by a company called CCP, New Eden is the name given to this universe. In New Eden you can create what is known as a ‘Capsuleer’, this is where you can play God. You can create your Capsuleers image anyway you like, you can then choose which faction your Capsuleer belongs to (as you play the game you’ll realise it doesn’t matter who you start with, you always end up flying all the ships).

Heaven or the Garden of Eden, whichever you wish to choose, we all know has guards known as angels, angels will stop any evil spirits from entering this sacred place. New Edens equivalent is known as ‘Concord’, Concord is only present in high security space (high sec). For our example we will consider high sec to be the Garden of Eden, in high sec you are able to declare war on other corporations or alliances but to engage players outside of war declarations or duels you will be attacked by Concord and destroyed. If you attack other players in such way enough times you will find it very hard to fly around high sec let alone live in it. There are many people who live this way of life in-game and do what is known as suicide ganking, a community has even been set up around it with minerbumping.com as their ‘hub’.

Some would say that games such as Eve Online and to be honest all forms of media are pushing humanity away from religion. Now that you’ve read this short piece take a moment to yourself and think about the following statement/question; As a society we are subconsciously using video games/media of all forms to act out the ‘sinful’ sides of us. When we play video games or create media we are aware that we are not actually confronting people face to face so it is highly unlikely that any real threat exists to your wellbeing. Are we as a society acting out what isn’t socially acceptable or what all religions deem unacceptable by their deity/deities?


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