‘The POS That Could’

Wednesday 26th of November, This date for a select few signalled the realisation of what POS’s, any race and size, are able to do. POS stands for Player Owned Starbase, it is one of the few structures in Eve which can actually be attacked and destroyed. Many will not get to experience the joys of setting up and running a pos of their own, in order to set up and maintain a pos you will need roles within the corporation you’re a member of. Eve has a tendency for players to use the trust bestowed upon them to exact hurtful punishments on their ‘superiors’. Established corporations are very reluctant to give out permissions for this exact reason. The following link will take you to a story of how a player used his roles to take billions of isk worth of assets from his corp hangars.

On Wednesday 26th of November renters from all over the drone regions (north-east on the link) came together to finish off an amarr medium POS. This amarr medium POS for the sake of the story will be called ‘Jerry’. Jerry was no ordinary POS, he was an experiment by ‘Stoseph Stuarts’ (myself) to test the reactions of the multiple renters in a region known as ‘The Spire’. The Spire is one of many regions being rented out in the drone regions, the drone regions consist of the following regions; The Spire, Etherium Reach, Malpais, Kalevala Expanse, Perrigen Falls, Oasa, Outer Passage and Cobalt Edge. These regions account for almost a fifth of all player owned Null Sec systems in Eve Online.

My experiment was to set up an amarr medium POS in the following constellation, E65-47, as a forward operating base deeper into hostile sovereignty space. At the time the main staging point for myself and my friends was a system known as Skarkon, our forward operating base was the only station system in Null Sec that we owned at the time, CT8K-0. My main aim for this POS was to test out how long it would take for a hostile response fleet to show up and evict the assets I had placed. It took around 3 days from setting up Jerry to the initial attack from the renters. This initial attack came sooner and was much stronger than anticipated, the hostiles fielded a 70-90 man fleet which was kitchen sink based (multiple ship types/no planned doctrine). Renters from all over the drone regions came to help the locals kick me and Jerry out. Some of the killmails from this initial assault can be found here; Purifier (770 mill), Magnate (5 mill), Crow (27 mill), Manticore (41 mill), Manticore (34 mill), Oracle (84 mill), Corax (13 mill). For this first engagement Jerry killed 974 million Isk worth of ships for no losses, despite no losses the majority of Jerry’s offensive weapons were now incapacitated.

24 hours passed and it was go time for Jerry’s final stand against these bad guys who really wanted to kill him. Jerry fought valiantly for about half an hour, alas the might opposing fleet was too strong for him. This Oracle (89 mill) would be the last hostile Jerry would kill. Poor Jerry and all of his parts can be found in this battle report.

Overall Jerry would come to kill 1.063 billion Isk worth of hostile ships, whilst only costing around 200 million Isk himself. Please don’t let Jerry’s death be in vain, go out, explore, travel into the deepest depths of space and try out a POS like Jerry for yourself!!

Please mail ‘stoseph.stuart@gmail.com’ with any and all results of your own. I am looking forward to hearing back from many of you.

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